Free Tuition

We can do better for Portland Community College students. Students face financial burdens and challenges to educational achievement, and they deserve smaller class sizes, more academic support, and reduced or eliminated tuition. Being saddled with overwhelming student loan debt is not good for students, our community, or our economy. Students deserve to graduate fully prepared for a career, which is why we must invest in faculty and staff. Let’s provide PCC students and staff with the resources they need to be successful.

Healthcare for All

All Oregonians need the peace of mind that comes with having access to affordable, quality healthcare. No one should have to decide between taking care of a loved one or paying a utility bill. Working families, college students, seniors, people with disabilities – no one should have to worry about going to the doctor. Health care is a human right. And while PCC did not cause the healthcare crisis our country faces, PCC can be a leader in one-stop access for students and staff to have high-quality, affordable healthcare at their fingertips.

Housing and Food Security

More students than ever face housing and food insecurity. No PCC student should be houseless or miss meals. Portland Community College can support students with wrap-around services, like student housing, meal programs or subsidies, and childcare. We know that when students and families have safe, secure shelter, they do better in school and at work, and can be more present for their friends and families. We cannot continue to have students, families, veterans, and others live unsheltered lives. If we expect PCC students to succeed in school, their families to thrive, and for them to contribute to a growing economy, then they must have housing and food security.